#777 MARCH 28, 2014
Copyright 2014 FRANCIS DIMENNO

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh
try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere
behind the morning.–J. B. Priestley


“I call down my blessings on Adam O’Day,” said Peter Ketman to Cadger
Tandy. “I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that he will call me from
the grave. Because Sonny Boy O’Day might someday serve us as a useful factotum. A Cat’s Paw. Yob, ye do ken what a Cat’s Paw is, do ye nae? A monkey
wanted to pull some chestnuts from the fire but they was too hot and
so he used the paw of a cat to grub them up. This is the kind of story
that leaves more questions than answers, I allus thought. What kind of
Yellof would leave a cat and a monkey in a room alone, unsupervised? A
room with a blazing fire, at that. That cat, once burned, wouldn’t
fall for that trick twice. And sure and the Monk, once scratched in
the dial face by the cat’s sharp diggers, wouldn’t try that kind of
cute stunt more than once. me fine Laddie Buck. Power, hero, Prince of
Peace, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Beneath thy guardianship I am safe against
all tempests and all enemies. Shock dough shay true gee in niche nigh
on Sam!”

“Speaking of Paws, there was Adam O’Day’s Paw. ‘Count’ O’Day. I call
down my blessings on him. I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that he
will call me from the grave. They called him ‘Count No Count.’ He was
the damndest scamp! A bald rascal! Shapen like unto a pear with his
fat droopy alderman. Always bragging about his big estate in Ireland, and
him a beggar dependent on beggerly barroom loafers for what few
friendly drinks would come his way. O could he talk a game! A
miserable sinner. he always guv me the scunner, but he would be just
as friendly a talker as could be, if only there was a drink to be had from it. You ever see a man who was actually penniless? Let me build you a picture. He had a
toothless mouth as looked like a set of railroad tracks with lips
split from being forever malnourished. He sometimes wore a red fez hat
with a frayed tassel. Now, Tipsy Smith kept a Free Lunch
as the bar–the food was heavy on the salt–pickled herring and the
like–but the toothless rogue could chaw nought. Tipsy Smith felt
sorry for him, and let him drink the leftover drinks as always got
poured in a metal bucket–more like a trough–as the evening waxed and
waned. Power, hero, Prince of Peace, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Shock dough
shay true gee in niche nigh on Sam!”

The one thing the old sinner was good for was to keep up a reel of
parumphing and a line of harumphing patter–the purest piffle–mere
bosh–with some learned tags he’d picked up from Lordie knows
where–all about “I would an I could” and “if it were to be done when
’tis done.” The old man would stand there on any given night and let
loose with a series of declarations as would cause a riot in any less
torporous establishment. Power, hero, Prince of Peace, Jesus, Jesus,
Jesus. Beneath thy guardianship I am safe against all tempests and all
enemies. Shock dough shay true gee in niche nigh on Sam!”

Count O’Day fancied himself a bit of a storyteller, but like a good
many Irishmen, he was just a sodden drunk who liked to mumble nonsense
in the presence of other drunks as was too rum dumb to know or care.
Here was a sample of some of his palaver:

“Ye may not know it to look at me but let me tell you duffers and
dingbats a little story. I knowed Big Nose Kate, Yass, when both she and
Doc conspired to rob the Arizona stage. And I learned: as the poet
says, never trust a Gila Monster in brave pursuit of honorable deed,
They’re not human. Humph! They’re not even animals!  Fierce wars and
sacred loves! Serpents rising out of the ground! You Can Have
Broadway. Have you ever been to St. Petersburg? I know for a fact that the
hotel service in St. Pete is lousy. Johnny the Garcon was a
coldhearted bastard but also just a bit back’ard. As the poet says,
judge ill of love that know not love. Lights in the sky. But ye ought
to see the Hermitage, Yob, if only to admire the splendors of the
rooms. Where late his treasure he entombed had. Since God was a pup. I
was a consultant in their renovation, incidentally. Pumph. Nothing
ain’t like what it was. Let Bygones Be Bygones And Let Us Be
Sweethearts Again. The wise man knows himself to be a fool. Back in
1880–not so long ago–I cried when Sherman said he wouldn’t run–they
still WOULD wave that bloody shirt–still had most of my
choppers then–they should of hung Jeff Davis from a sour apple
tree–Grant was a booby–that Stanford White, he got what he deserved. Love all, trust a few, do wrong to one. As the poet says. ‘Trial of the Century’ my ass!
Pumph. If Anybody Wants To Meet A Jonah Shake Hands With Me.”

Couldn’t no one hardly make sense of half of what he was raving about.
It was like reading a book by a man with only the most slender grasp
of how to tell a story. Another sample of his palaver:

“I knowed Harry Thaw. An arriviste of old. Would steal the silver from
a dead man’s eyes. Elbert Hubbard–what a charlatan. Message to Garcia
my ass! Know what Garcia said? No speaka dee English. That’s what HE
done said. Listen, I’m no tom-fool. I married my first wife when I was
25. But she got me in dutch with the Big Man, and look at me now.”

A short digression. The incident in question occurred when O’Day’s
first (and only) “wife” (it was a common-law relationship; she was a
prostitute) accused Cokey Stolas of “mauling” her, and even threatened
to “go to law”–until one day she mysteriously “disappeared.” When
asked about her, he would grow furious.

“Why would The Big Gee trifle with a doxy like her?  And is there care
in heaven? Ha-RUMPH! As the poet says, envy rode upon a ravenous wolf,
and hungry Wolves continually did howl at her abhorred face so filthy
and so foul.”

Then Count No Count would wax all sentimental, like.

“Humph! I say–all you loafers!  The Bee That Gets The Honey Doesn’t Hang Around The Hive. Would you set up a drink for your storyteller? Pumph.
I have here a tale which will break your heart. It seems as though
once upon a time there was a couple who lived in the woods–Humph! the
forest primeval, don’t you know–and they had a baby–more like a wolf–I mean
their dog, it was their dog who was more like a wolf–and there were
wolves a-plenty in those parts–they lived in the forest back in olden
times–they was Jewish folks I think maybe, or maybe not, maybe they
were Hungarians–Igen–Hunkies are just like people, only more
so–Humph! so I guess it was in the woods of Hungary–what did they
do there? How should I know? I’m betting they went hungry.
That’s my guess. Well, the old man was a woodcutter.
Name of Poor John. O, The Load That Father Carried. Or so the story
goes. The wife was a woodcutter’s wife. She was a jade.”

Big roar from the barroom loafers.

“But none of that’s important. Waltz Me Around Again Willie! Will you
let me tell the STORY?  By the way, there’s a place over by old Cathay where they
have jade statues of the Buddha the size of a three-story building.
Pumph. You could take a snot-sized piece from the beggar’s nose and be
a rich man for the rest of your borned days. Of course, the natives
are restless. Oh, and I would of done it too, but there was a temple
guard, and a nasty bugger he looked to be, grim as a knight in armor,
and dressed in an orange robe to color of a shriveled-up satsuma. Big
rings in his ears and for all I know he had a bone through his nose.
Is someone buyin’ a drink? Thank’ee, Sar. Had his arms folded crost
his chest like he would just as soon get you as spit. Big sword
hanging from his hip in a bamboo sheath. And I ups and says to him,
Won’t You Come Over To My House? Do ye think I can make these
things up? I says to him,  Let Bygones Be Bygones And Let Us
Be Sweethearts Again.  This ain’t no dream; I ain’t been hittin’ the
pipe, though I wouldn’t be back’ard none if one of yuh was to offer. Pumph. So this
woodcutter goes out one day and leaves the baby alone. Captain Baby
Bunting Of The Rocking Horse Brigade. Where’s his wife? Humph!
How in hell should I know? Panning for gold down by
Sutter’s Mill, for all I know. Hanging out with Calamity Jane in
Tombstone. Palling around with Hellcat Maggie down t’ the Five Points.
Lassie, Dinna Sigh For Me. Who knows what women do, and why
they do it? Every Day Is Ladies’ Day To Me. It often falls that mortal foes do turn to faithful friends, and friends professed are changed to foemen fell. When a woman takes a mind to cross ye up, there ain’t nobody knows how to do it better.
Ye’d think that if they was smart enough to know how to be boss, they
would do it, and make the men their slaves, and that ain’t so far from
the truth, for what they lack in strength they make up for in wiles. I
Never Saw Such Jealousy In My Life. Humph! The foolish woman left the
baby all alone with the slaverin’ hound and the two of them was in the room
alone together when all of a sudden the lorn sound of a bayin’ dog split
the air of the forest and the woodsman came racing home only to
discover–I disremember.”

Boos and hisses from the Barroom Loafers.

“Only, as it turns out, there was a big dogfight, and he shot the dog,
or the wolf, I guess, on one pretext of other. One dog, or the other,
or maybe both. He Walked Right In Turned Around And Walked Right Out
Again. And then he shot himself, maybe. What do ye mean, what kind of
guns did they even have in Transylvania, back in the olden days? How should
I know? Make yourself useful, Yob, and stand me another drink!
Confabulations make me thirsty! I’ve Said My Last Farewell.”

“Count O’Day had the real storyteller’s need for an audience, but like
I said, his stories made no sense–just sorta trailed off into
nowhere. He warn’t a pleasant feller. Was a holy terror unto his son,
and would just as soon stick a knife in yer back as not if he seed you
looking crosswise at him. And he’d laugh. Still, the enemy of my enemy
is my friend, and I call down my blessings on him. I know that my
Redeemer liveth, and that he will call me from the grave. The filthy
brute. The heavenly and holy trumpet blow every ball and misfortune
away from me. The foul fiend.  I seek refuge beneath the tree of life
which bears twelvefold fruits. The bald-headed rogue. I stand behind
the holy altar of the Christian Church. The fat lazy hod-carrier. I
commend myself to the Holy Trinity. The filthy wife-betrayer. I, Adam
Ketman, hide myself beneath the holy corpse of Jesus Christ. The
sneaking knife-man. I commend myself unto the wounds of Jesus Christ.
Mr. Jack Nasty. That the hand of no man might be able to seize me.
He’d grind his dukes right in your glims. Or to bind me. Bad man with
a pig sticker, too. Or to cut me. Proud Border Irish rogue. Or to throw me. He’ll leave ye a mouthful of broken choppers if ye dishonor him. Or to beat me. And he
would sell his own mother for a drink, that much is true. Or to
overcome me in any way whatever, so help me. Shock dough shay true gee
in niche nigh on Sam!”






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The Worlds Best Gifts
The Worryline Corp.
Thirsty Acres
Thirsty Giant Promotions
Thousand Shadows Co.
Thwartsaw Associates
Timber’s Stationary
Time Is A Miser Investments
Time Zone
Tip Inn
Tomaka Hoar Receipts, Ltd.
Toomuch, Beer & Wein Enterprises
Top Mind
Torpedo Sub Shop
Touch ‘n’ Go Corporation
Townville Roofing
Transport Connections Unlimited
Treasure Island Antiques
Treasure Island Designers
Treasure Island News
Tremendous Opportunities Inc.
Trust Busters
Tubby’s Trough
Twelve Keys to the Kingdom Religious Supplies
Uncle Elby’s General Store
Uncle William’s Useless Things
Undeclared Candidate Consulting
Underlying Catastrophe Savings and Loan
Underwater Moonlight Corporation
Unique Uniforms
United Pathogens DBA Prosperity Health Farms
Unknown Fidelity, Co.
Unwilling Co.
Urbandale Harbor Pools & Pumps
Usher’s Spring and Fall Fashions
Vent Appliance
Verdegrise Realtors
Ware-Wolfe Group
Water Water Everywhere Home Repairs
Way of the World International
Wazooville Slaughterhouse
We All Fall Down Co.
We Sell Soul, Inc.
We’ll See Investments
Wedded Bliss Bridal Shop
Welkin’s Floral Shop
Westgate Tire
What Profiteth It A Man, Inc.
Whatnow Corp.
Whether Or Not Co.
Whiffler Stationary
White Colored Inc.
Whocan Co.
Whynot Inc.
Wise Guys Travel Agency
Wishing Tree Industries
WKCX Radio
Word Butchers
Workaday World Enterprises
World Dilemma
World Without End Amen, Inc.
WOW Dry Cleaner and Cold Storage
Wretched Excess, Inc.
Wurra-Wurra Imports
Xaroshie’s Beauty Parlor
Xavier Tree Removal
XXX Moviehouse
Yarrowstalk Funeral Home
Yawl’s Pet Store
Young Man Enterprises
Young Men’s Club
YourCorp Industries
Zanjero’s Trucks and Hauling
Zomack’s Five Cent Cigar Store

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